Friday, February 8, 2013

Who Remembers Marion Butts?

Fair enough, if there are kids today who are too young to have been football fans when Marion Butts, former NFL running back for the San Diego Chargers (and later the Patriots and Oilers), was playing during the early 90s. But I am shocked and appalled that, even on the Internet—that supposed repository for all information, no matter how useless—there is hardly anything on this two-time Pro Bowl-er. Google his brilliant name (which, as you can imagine, made for some classic sports page headlines back in the day), and you'll find a few NFL reference sites providing his career stats and little else. There has seemingly been more written on one "Lee Marion Butts, Sr.," a deceased Dallas photographer, than on one of the best RBs in Charger history. By the second page, already the majority of search results have nothing to do with our Butts. The very first result, his perfunctory Wikipedia page, didn't even have a picture of him—an oversight I saw fit to correct posthaste (by inserting the only pic I had of him: his 8-bit Tecmo Super Bowl mug shot)*:



* Update: My image has since been taken down by Wikipedia Nazis.

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