Friday, February 1, 2013


If you didn't see it when it played before Wreck-It Ralph in theaters, Disney has posted up its Academy Award-nominated short, Paperman, on YouTube:

Many have praised its blending of hand-drawn and computer-generated animation techniques, and I agree it's probably the best thing Disney Animation has done in a long while (and I actually like their recent films). Not sure I agree, however, with any glib appraisals that there is any personality on display that absolutely could not have been achieved with CG characters. The short is, for me, refreshingly a triumph not on account of its technical innovations so much as because, unlike the overwhelming majority of animation in theaters, it doesn't seem geared primarily toward children. (I actually had to resist the urge to title this post "This ain't no Paperboy.")

In this wordless short, also worth mentioning is the uplifting musical score by former Buffy and Angel composer Christophe Beck.

But did anyone else experience flashbacks to Terry Gilliam's Brazil? If so, how unfortunate.

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