Thursday, February 14, 2013

Taking Back Valentine's Day

Hey, I get that, for those not in a relationship, Valentine's Day can actually be kind of a bummer—watching those flowers and gifts delivered to others at the office, hearing about their romantic dinner plans, basically having it rubbed in your face all day how happy and in love other people are, while you sit alone with a frozen dinner waiting at home and an all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy lined up as the highlight of your night. That's why, in this Valentine's Day-themed edition of "Owning It," I decided to go out and buy some flowers, chocolates, and even a card to share with everyone at my workplace. Because why should only those in relationships get to celebrate this one occasion out of the year of guys blowing their hard-earned dough on grand romantic gestures that they'll then have to try to outdo year after year?

Valentine's Day 2013

* * *

And thus did I take back Valentine's Day!



Did you say "take back Valentine's Day"? What does that mean? Take it back from whom?

Nothing. Nobody. Never mind.

* * *

How very sweet of you, Henry!

I agree.

But what's with this card? It looks like there was a name written on it that you then scribbled out—

We're done here.

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