Thursday, February 19, 2009

To follow up on my last post...

I stopped by Target again today after work. To be honest, the whole "exclusive Udon comic" thing had been bothering me all day.

As it turns out, the comic is hidden inside the actual game case, which is itself indistinguishable from an ordinary copy, except that the bar code is different. As expected, the comic is very thin and insubstantial. Only a hardcore fan and collector would be interested, but I'm glad I got it. Unfortunately, I'll have to live without the Game Crazy exclusive token. Alas.

Online challengers can hit me up at omega_warzard on PSN. (Pretty much all of my fighting games will be PS3 versions, both for the free online and so I don't have to get a joystick for each system.)


Czardoz said...

Hang tight, family man, my strength is much greater than yours.

omega_warzard befeated!

Sam Kahn said...

I picked up the MadCatz SFIV Fightpad... not sure yet whether I like it more than the PS3 controller or not yet.