Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've been waiting for this...

After work today, I swung by the local Toys "R" Us to pick up Street Fighter IV. While I waited for the old lady to ring me up, I told her how, almost seventeen years ago, I had gotten Street Fighter II for the SNES from that very same store.

I still remember that day well. There was a banner proudly proclaiming that the store had that one specific title, the biggest in video games at the time. The $80 price on that cartridge made it the most expensive addition ever to my collection, and, taking inflation into account, I think it still owns that record. It was worth it, of course.

The cashier seemed to enjoy my story but pointed out that that was way before her time. Sure, old lady. See you in another seventeen.

Truthfully, however, I'm still waiting on my collector's edition copy to arrive at my door. I just went to Toys "R" Us to get their bonus Chun-Li statuette, but I don't intend to keep this copy of the game. I also stopped by Target, since I heard they had an exclusive Udon comic, but the employees knew nothing of it.


Sam Kahn said...

I wasn't going to buy it, but then I spent 6 hours last night playing a friend's copy. What system did you get it for? I bought mine for the PS3 today. What's your PSN screen name?

Czardoz said...

I didn't know we got SFII from Toys R Us. And wasn't the retail price $74.99? (Which would be $80 with tax.) At least $75 is the number I've had in my head all these years.

Did you know it was not uncommon in the cartridge years to have games come out at various $50-plus price points? I believe I got Final Fantasy III at $63, and Chrono Trigger was somewhere between $55 and $60.

I think Guitar Hero wins the dubious honor of most expensive game in my collection, at about $80 or $90. I guess SFII still wins with inflation!