Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had a dream that Nintendo was showing off the next big game at the local mall. It was called "LittleDogPlanet," but, despite any similarities to the name of a major title on a competing platform, it was actually a Wii version of Nintendogs.

There was a large crowd gathered to view the demo on the big screen. A Nintendo representative singled me out to give it a spin. I happily agreed and took the Wii remote. I gathered that I could pet the dog by pointing at it. Basic stuff, but there was more to it. By holding down the trigger, I could actually grab a leg and shake its paw. Then I picked up a second remote. I was able to grab both front paws and lift him up to his hind legs. Behind me, the Nintendo rep turned on another two remotes. We grabbed two legs each, and the dog became our helpless marionette. It took a bit of coordination, but it wasn't long before we were making him perform all sorts of dances to the crowd's cheers and laughter.

Then I woke up. I had to get to work. I was sad. I don't even enjoy Nintendogs.

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Riyuu said...

You were sad because the dream of you manipulating that poor dog had ended, huh? You sick bastard.