Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nobody Does It Better

That gem comes courtesy of Neinhalt Sieger's story in Samurai Shodown VI, released for the first time in English as part of Samurai Shodown Anthology.

At first, I took it for an unfortunate typo, but, on further inspection, it's actually pretty hard to turn "fighting" into "fisting." Alas, it seems this is another case of SNK tragically mishandling idiomatic English. I can well imagine that, to the Japanese guy who provided the translation, "fisting" sounded like an apt description of the basic action of a fighting game. And Sieger's weapon is a friggin' huge fist. Used for punching. Obviously.

SNK had a real knack for turning out mangled English translations during its Neo-Geo days, and the early Samurai Shodown games were as broken as they came in that regard ("VICTOLY!" indeed). By the late 90s, the company had seemingly cleaned up its act and settled into work that, though still clunky and unpolished, was mostly innocuous. After my initial playthrough with Haohmaru, I thought Samurai Shodown VI was in line with this reformed SNK. Digging a little deeper into the massive roster, however, has unearthed quite a wealth of eyebrow-raising SNK-grish. It makes me wish I had more time to go through all of the characters.

For now, here's one more:

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