Wednesday, March 11, 2009

James Marsters on Piccolo

From the latest issue of Shonen Jump, here's an "interview" with James Marsters (Spike from Buffy/Angel) on his role as the villainous Lord Piccolo in the upcoming Dragonball Evolution:
SJ: When you play Lord Piccolo, what thing do you care about most?

James Marsters: When I think of Piccolo, the one word that comes to my mind is solitude. I always remember Piccolo floating above a beautiful landscape, but he's not looking at the beautiful landscape. He's looking at his feet and meditating. That more than anything is Piccolo for me, and what he's meditating on is revenge. I'm playing Piccolo as a man who went to prison for a long time, where he had no mirrors. He finally busts out after 2,000 years, looks in the mirror and sees he's old, decrepit and weak. He despises himself, and hates the mystics for putting him in prison and stealing his youth. At that point, he wants to kill the mystics, their family, the whole town and planet they protect. It's all about revenge.
Is this guy for real? I liked Marsters as Spike, but does he not realize that he's playing a cartoon villain in a martial arts children's movie that never should have been made and is certain to be, not only a critical and commercial disaster, but a blight on the careers of everyone involved?

The magazine also includes some words from the other "stars" of the film, and they're all just generic fluff comments (e.g. "It's just exciting for me," "I'm honored to be playing this character," etc.) to promote the movie while disguising their apathy toward this gig they can't forget quickly enough.

Less than a month to go, everyone. See you at the movies on April 8.

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