Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inspirational Quote of the Moment #2

Some child: You're so good at what you do, Mr. President. Is presiding simply in your blood? Or did you ever imagine that you would be doing something else?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: You're asking, could I have been a flower seller somewhere. I say absolutely. In another world, I might have been the best damn flower seller that world had ever seen. But that's not my life. This is my life.


Czardoz said...

This never really happened, right?

Henry said...

I don't know whether it ever happened. I know that I made it up. But I don't know whether it ever really happened.

Czardoz said...

Some child: Mr. President, I heard you were a gelding.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: You’re asking, can the polio take everything from me? It can take my mobility, my virility, even my sanity. But it can never take my flowers away.

(I don’t know if this ever happened either.)