Wednesday, June 30, 2010


2007.  I've just started training at my new job.  My fellow trainees and I are chatting idly during a break.

Jewish male: Russian women are not to be messed with, huh?  Like Maria Sharapova.

Russian female (who, no offense, looks nothing like Maria Sharapova): Giggle giggle.

Jew: Do you like tennis?

Russian: Oh, yes!  You know Marat Safin?

Jew: (blank stare)

Russian: He's a Russian tennis player.  He's sooooo handsome.  Of course, I like Andy Roddick too.

Jew: (bored expression on face)

Me: What about Roger Federer?

Russian: Who?

Me: He's the number one player in the world.  He's Swiss.

Russian: Oh, he's okay.

Me: Hmm . . . Nikolay Davydenko?

Russian:  Eww, he's nasty.

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