Thursday, March 11, 2010


To me, it's no different from foie gras!

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is a boss monster in Metroid Prime. I totally wasted him. One could say, I eat chumps like him for breakfast. Something else food is foie gras. No, I don't eat it for breakfast. Or at all. But if I wanted it, foie gras wouldn't be able to stop me from eating it. It was the same with Flaahgra.

Moving right along, it's pretty darn demoralizing, I tell you, to progress to a seeming dead end, to observe that there is a hidden passage that requires the ball-form bomb ability to bust through the wall, to return later to that wall after having acquired said ability, and to break through only to find that the sole reason for being there is a missile upgrade that still cannot be obtained without some additional vertical roll ability. The only thing I accomplished on that trip was to change the status of that hidden room to "explored" on my map, which is actually a bad thing because it means I now have to remember on my own to return there once I get the next ability, which I can only hope is the last one I'll need. It makes me wish there were some way for players to add their own notes to the in-game map.

On the other hand, because there is a detailed map, because all doors are clearly visible, and because every room, no matter how large, is still distinctly enclosed, the game is free of the pathfinding issues that have consistently been my chief obstacle in all of the more linear 3-D shooters I've played. So even though I often can't tell where I should go next, I can at least grasp pretty quickly where I can go.

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