Monday, March 29, 2010

What I want out of the PlayStation Move

I've heard some Wii Call of Duty players claim that, if they could somehow magically link their online with the PS3 or 360 versions, they would totally smoke those pad players with their Wii Remotes. There has never been anything technically preventing Wii first-person shooters from including traditional control options, but, as far as I know, no Wii FPS has offered this. So the one thing I really want to see with the PlayStation Move is a shooter that will let these wand players try and prove, once and for all, that their motion controls are superior to dual-analog pad controls. Maybe the same game could even offer keyboard-and-mouse controls, since there is nothing technically preventing that on the PS3. Of course they wouldn't be playing against me in any case, but I'd still be interested in the (hopefully hilarious) results.


Czardoz said...

What about a keyboard and mouse scenario where one person controls player movement and the other controls shooting? How about those hilarious results?

Henry said...

Yeah, haha, very funny. I think that little experiment prefigured the "three-legged race" section in Gears of War 2.