Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One more Metal Gear anecdote

Along with my purchase of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, I also picked up the collector's edition of Prima's official guide. The book was actually put together by Piggyback, a UK publisher of video game strategy guides that certain nuts have, for years, held as far superior to any of the domestic BradyGames and Prima stuff. I can't personally attest to its quality because, for fear of spoilers, I didn't consult it on my playthrough. It was a very sleekly built hardcover, however, and I bought it primarily as a collector's item.

Besides being hardcover, the "limited edition" bonuses were a few pages of artwork and the inclusion of a numbered lithograph illustrated by Yoji Shinkawa. Still nothing too exciting, until I took a closer look and immediately recognized the five-digit number on my lithograph. It was the first five digits of my bank account number. A meaningless coincidence, but an eerie one, given that this was the series that had brought us Psycho Mantis and "Fission Mailed." Almost as bad as that Silent Hill 4 demo...

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Czardoz said...

What if that whole Lally-ho/Rally-ho thing had happened to Metal Gear?

Ra-ri-ru-re-ro! I could see Kojima doing that just to screw with people.