Monday, April 1, 2013

Where have all the vampire hunters gone?

Me: And another thing I like about The Vampire Diaries is that the vampire hunters are actually really cool. I mean, I grew up with Castlevania, where the box art was always this hardcore-looking guy with a whip. Now, with Twilight and all that, it's always some romance story between a human girl and a vampire. There's not even a place for vampire hunters in that kind of story, except as minor supporting characters. I mean, that's true in The Vampire Diaries too. But when the hunters do show up, they're the most hardcore characters on the show. There's not enough of that anymore.

Colleague: What about Buffy?

Me: Oh, you talking about Holtz?

Colleague: I'm talking about Buffy!

Me: Oh yeahhh . . . . I guess I think of her more as a "slayer."

(Also, that was like ten years ago.)

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