Monday, April 29, 2013

Street Fighter's Last Revenge

Now winding down its second season, Revenge was formerly an awesome show that has simply gone on for a season-and-a-half too long. Still, this scene from the most recent episode (Season 2, Episode 19 "Identity"), wherein one of our heroes confronts his hacker nemesis and, with lives hanging in the balance (possibly), challenges her to a match of Street Fighter II, is simply gold:

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No better way to settle a deadly rivalry than via a decades-old arcade game that neither person is especially good at, right? (Although I guess we're actually meant to understand that they are good at it.)

The "quarter up" thing that Nolan does at the beginning of the scene at least is pretty authentic. I wonder if the actors did their own "stunts" . . . .

Source: BuddyTV (via EventHubs)

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