Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brought to me by Macy's

*sigh* I'm so lame that I only "discover" "new" music through TV commercials, occasionally CW shows, and *double-sigh* shopping at Macy's. (Don't worry, I didn't end up buying anything.)

Speaking of which, I recently bought my first smartphone, and having a music search engine (e.g. Google Sound Search, Pandora, Shazam) on me at all times has proven a wondrous addition to my daily life. Remember how, back in the day, any time you heard a hot new track while out and about, you would have to just listen really hard and savor it while it lasted, knowing that you might never hear it again? Indeed, I am sure you must have had that perfectly normal experience many times, as I did. After the Internet debuted and people could actually look things up, life got better. You could commit yourself to memorizing a key lyric in whatever song you were hearing, then later use that information to try to track the song down online. Ah, how strange it is to think that, not so very long ago, that was simply how we lived . . . if indeed you could call that living! But, now, how convenient it is to just fire up Sound Search and have the song ID'd for me in seconds, the info also saved in my history for future reference! Oh, what an age we live in!

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Czardoz said...

Sounds like it would fit right in on the Drive soundtrack.