Sunday, January 27, 2013

Not the Laugh Factory (Please)

Donated blood.

"You're a very serious man," the phlebotomist remarked.

Known me all of two minutes, and she already had me figured out, eh?

When it was over, she handed me a coupon for the Laugh Factory.

And here I thought she had me all figured out.

* * *

Seriously, though—yes, seriously—these Laugh Factory coupons, of which I've accumulated a number by now, are a total joke, by which I do not mean that there is anything funny at all about them. First of all, the coupons do not even provide for a free show but only admission; there is still a two-drink minimum that you have to pay for. Second, the Laugh Factory is not even located in my county, so even if I thought the deal was still good, I would have to trouble myself the long drive in order to take advantage. Third, even if the show were free, I would never go to the Laugh Factory; I'm a serious man, after all, and I hate laughter! Finally, at this most recent donation, the coupon was expired! When I go on the Red Cross website to check their current promotions, they no longer list the Laugh Factory but rather a coupon for Cold Stone Creamery, which I didn't get but actually would use. Argh! Not that I do it for the coupons, but still . . . .

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