Friday, December 19, 2008

A New Record

Today was the slowest day I've experienced in my fifteen months at my current job.

The day began with the usual forty-minute commute to work. Once there, as has been the case for the last couple of months, there was no product available for me to work on, so I sat at my desk listening to podcasts, while waiting for them to IM me with news. It's a now standard procedure, with work arriving typically in batches with about an hour or two between each batch. I had already spent the last hour of yesterday waiting, so I didn't anticipate too much downtime for this morning.

Four hours into today's shift, still nothing, so I went ahead and took lunch. Another three hours passed after coming back from lunch. With only one hour left to go on my shift, I fully expected to go the entire day without having done any work. That's when I received the IM notifying me that they had five stones for me.

In summary, one hour in an eight-hour shift was spent working, while seven were spent listening to podcasts, while sipping tea to stay awake.

Now I know that there are some things worse than death. And one of them is sitting here waiting to die.

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Czardoz said...

Why don't you bring Starship Troopers to read while you wait for stone? I also have Stranger in a Strange Land lying about somewhere.