Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'll wait for the Nintendo 4DS for adults

So Nintendo and GameStop have partnered again to distribute rare Pokemon for download at GameStop stores across America, which means it's time once again for me to visit the Starbucks next door to my local GameStop, then pretend to be working on my laptop, while, underneath the table, I discreetly have my all-black DS Lite turned on and ready to wirelessly receive the shiny Dialga. And I'll have to do this twice more over the coming weeks, since they'll be distributing a shiny Palkia and a shiny Giratina as well.

Yes, it's all quite aggravating (among other words that you might apply to my situation as a grown man making a trip out specifically to acquire a digital monster). But I won't be manipulated into going into GameStop, where I would have no intention of spending money, and where I would assuredly be the only adult there not at all hidden in the corner to download a rare Pokemon, shaking my head and trying to avoid eye contact as the employees ask if I need any help. And, unfortunately, their wireless transmitter (actually just a DS of their own) isn't strong enough for me to pull this off from my car in the parking lot, so heading into Starbucks is the only way to go.

And my black DS Lite—once upon a time, it was as professional-looking as any handheld electronic device out there. Now, it just looks like another huge Nintendo toy. So, under the table it goes.

And here Nintendo comes again trying to up the ante, with its newly announced 2DS handheld, for tech that one would be embarrassed to be seen in public with. I know it's not marketed toward me, and I'm not saying I don't see the sense in it. But... damn! On the one hand, I actually kind of want one. If it's more comfortable to hold than their clamshell designs of the last few years, which have indeed left much to be desired ergonomically, then that would be a pretty big deal to me. That price, meanwhile, is quite the deal, period. In this economy, those savings are not inconsequential for anyone in the market for a 3DS. On the other hand, I would be absolutely embarrassed to be seen playing that thing in public, or even in private.

Seriously, when will Nintendo have the sense to design for adults a grown-up piece of hardware that we won't be embarrassed to carry around in public while heading out to download rare Pokemon? Seriously!

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