Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sam Neill is my friend (that's what a mutual follow on Twitter means, right?)

So apparently Sam Neill is one of those guys who will follow you back on Twitter if you follow him (I'm @FragginCivie, by the way, but not very active):


(Well, unless you're one of those unlucky 644 followers whose tweets he's apparently not interested in. They're probably spam bots.)

It's not a verified account, though, and it's hard to be certain if it's really him. It's not a parody Twitter, and his tweets are mostly on-topic (the topic of Sam Neill, or else of his New Zealand wine estate), but he doesn't have any "obviously legit because they're so unprofessional" cellphone pics. Whoever this is, he does count Lucy Lawless and Rufus Sewell among his followers (and they're not people to follow just anyone). (Rufus Sewell isn't verified either, but, c'mon, who would bother making a fake Rufus Sewell account? And, actually, it appears he will follow just about anyone who asks for it.)

This reminds me of those golden Myspace days, back when you could actually friend request celebrities and expect them to grant it. I had 3/5 the main cast of Spike TV's tragically short-lived Blade: The Series in my Top 8. Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones, Jill Wagner, and Neil Jackson all very promptly friended me back. If Jessica Gower was on Myspace, I never found her. The one guy to snub me, ironically, was the dude who played Blade's Asian sidekick. Not ironic because he was the one Asian, but because he was clearly the least celeb of the celebs I friend requested, so who the hell was he to think he was too good to be my friend? Well, maybe because he was the least celeb, his was actually a legit personal account for personal friends, not a self-promotional account like the others' (not that they didn't still maintain their own accounts, because I'm pretty sure at least Jill Wagner did, judging by how ghetto and disorganized I remember it being). And maybe it was a stretch to call any of those people "celebs." I realize that just being on TV or having a major label record doesn't make one a "star" per se. Certainly, there was no one of Sam Neill's stature on Myspace. Still, it was one cool thing about Myspace (in fact, the sole reason I was on it)—that it allowed you to brag that Jill Wagner (yes, "the girl from the Mercury commercials") was your "friend." (I probably wouldn't brag that Jill Wagner, host of Wipeout, was my friend.)

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