Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Google's Nexus 4 - One Slick Phone

Just over half a year since its release, the Nexus 4 is, spec-wise, already no longer on the cutting edge of smartphone tech, but, man, is it one slick device. I mean, literally, with Gorilla Glass covering both front and back, this thing is so slick that it could function as a really crude level, informing you if a surface is even slightly, if imperceptibly, slanted. At work the other day, I set my Nexus 4 down on a table that looked fine and level to me, and then I watched as the phone started sliding slowly but steadily back in my direction. Given that its all-glass shell makes it considerably more fragile than Samsung's plastic Galaxy phones, maybe being this kind of slick is not such an asset, since it will be always threatening to slip off any flat surface you place it on.

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