Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Not Your Kind of People" (Garbage, Not Your Kind of People, 2012)

One of the funnier outcomes of the release of the new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer has been the reaction to the song used, with people complimenting its effectiveness, wondering who the artist is, asking where they can get it, and insisting that Konami's use of it is somehow much more respectable than EA "selling out" by featuring Rihanna (from Jay Z's "Run This Town") in the Battlefield 4 ad.

First of all, the song is identified in the trailer (near the end), along with the artist and album. Second, the artist is Garbage—not exactly some obscure indie band. Third, you can find the song anywhere; it's the title track off their latest album, Not Your Kind of People, released just last year.

Here's a live performance uploaded to YouTube by Blair039:

And here's the band discussing some of the background to its composition:

Of course, even for a multi-platinum band like Garbage, the sudden upsurge in song downloads that comes along with being featured in a Metal Gear trailer does not go unnoticed.


If you really want to see the "power of Kojima" at work, look up Joan Baez's "Here's to You" (featured in the Ground Zeroes trailer) on YouTube, and observe in wonderment and shame that the user comments for almost every upload (which, some million views ago, probably consisted of just a few notes of old-folk appreciation for Joan Baez, with the occasional anarchic outburst mixed in) are now completely dominated by fools brought there by the Metal Gear hype train.

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