Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I've Been Watching #1

Previously on The Vampire Diaries . . . .

Season 3, Episode 13: "Bringing Out the Dead"

Stefan looked to be in trouble, at the mercy of an angry Klaus, who has no mercy.  But Klaus's brother Elijah, already once betrayed by Klaus, decided he would be the one doing the fooling this time.  After Klaus sent him to retrieve the mystery casket, Elijah instead returned with . . .  two daggers!  Then, from behind him, out stepped an undaggered Kol, one of the remaining two original vampires and brothers of Klaus who had yet to be revealed on the show.

Even Klaus, despite being the unkillable original/hybrid, could not remain calm at the prospect of answering to two pissed off original vampires with scores to settle against the brother who had betrayed them.  Forgetting about Stefan, he makes a vampire-speed dash for the exit but is vampire-speed cut off by Finn, the last remaining brother, also undaggered!  So cool!

But it's not over yet!  Klaus starts to flee in the other direction but is cut off this time by . . . Rebekah!  And she's also undaggered!  The original sister, last seen daggered and stashed away by Klaus a few weeks ago, stabs Klaus with her own dagger, at which he staggers back into the restraining arms of his brothers.  Klaus may be unkillable, but he's never seemed otherwise significantly stronger than any other original, so I'm thinking, if he's outnumbered like this, they could just stick him in a vault somewhere and he'd be done.

Elijah then tells our heroes, Damon and Stefan, that they're free to go, informing them that "This is family business."

My first impression: Damn, that was awesome.

My second take: Damn, this stupid vampire show is the only thing I have that I still look forward to in my life.

. . . .

Can't wait for tonight's new episode!

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