Friday, September 16, 2011

You perverts

Just logged in to Blogger today to find that it has a brand new interface, with spiffy new features!--most notably a stats tracker to tell me who's viewing which posts on my blog.  The most illuminating part is probably the "Search Keywords" data, which tells me what words people are plugging into search engines to end up on my blog posts.  And by "illuminating" I mean incredibly depressing.

Here's this past week's data:

Coming off his US Open victory this past Monday, Novak Djokovic unsurprisingly gets a bump this week, and the, erm, specificity of these particular Djokovic-related searches is a heartening testimony that I am not the only one keeping score where it counts.

Actually, "djokovic is a douche" ranks pretty high on the all-time list too:

But Novak Djokovic is no Shannon Tweed, I guess.  And, considering I only mention her name once in the title of a post that has nothing really to do with her, I can't imagine that my blog ranks highly on Google's listings for her name, which means that it must be some truly, ahem, dedicated fans of hers who are wading deep into the search results to end up here.

So, alas, most of you readers are probably Shannon Tweed fans, who are now, I imagine, quite disappointed to find that this is not, nor will it ever be, that kind of site.  But I hope you'll take a look around and find something I have to offer that might interest you.  Apparently, once upon a time, I wrote something about a "brown m&m character."

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Czardoz said...

I Googled Shannon Tweed and got to page 7 of the results, and still have not seen your page listed.