Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last Time

Went out for a hot dog from Costco the other day. I'd had Costco's pizza many times, but never a hot dog. It was all right. Pretty big. $1.50 includes drink. Condiments are help yourself, including relish and onions.

I tried to remember the last time I had a hot dog. It probably wasn't that long ago. I've probably had dozens of hot dogs just over the last decade. Hundreds even? Erm, maybe? I don't keep count. But whenever I think "hot dog" and "last time," I go back, not to the forgettable actual last time, but to a specific memory from many years ago.

It was probably about twenty years ago. My family was staying with a friend of my mother's in the Bay Area. For lunch, my brother and I had microwaved hot dogs at this friend's home with her two sons. Don't remember the brand. They were good but nothing special.

Later that day, we went out walking (sightseeing?). Don't remember where we went or what we saw. I vaguely recall a museum, but that doesn't seem entirely likely, since I've never been much of a museum person. Maybe we just walked by a museum or museum-like building. But I remember we stopped at a hot dog vendor on the way. Our host's two sons decided to get hot dogs from this street vendor. All the fixin's, including relish, which I used to think was gross.

I remember thinking it very odd that they were stopping randomly to get hot dogs off the street. Just the impulse fooding seemed a foreign concept to me, not something I ever personally considered. But to go for such a cheap food as hot dogs, which could easily be had with little preparation at home, and which we, in fact, had had earlier that very day. It did not seem sensible.

But I was not above trying new things. I shrugged, went along with the others, and had another hot dog. No relish.

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Czardoz said...

When I was in Vancouver, they had a store, maybe a chain, called "Japadog." Sounded a little inflammatory to me, but that's Canadians for you. Apparently, they were Japanese-styled dogs, just a dog with Japanese toppings, like sukiyaki beef or other things that weren't really Japanese, but just untraditional.

I didn't eat there, but in Seattle, they had a place called Dog Japon, I think; same deal, though just a stand on the street. $5 for a decent sized dog; I got the sukiyaki beef and onions on top.

Also good: Mexican style dogs, which has the wiener wrapped in bacon, smothered in onions and peppers.

Man, I could use one now!