Friday, July 23, 2010

Distant Worlds

I was able to attend the "Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY" concert in San Diego last night. I thought the set list could have been more diverse (too much VIII and XI, not enough IX, nothing from I-III, V, or XII), the selections from XIII and XIV were less than inspiring, and the very poorly edited video presentations dragged down the legitimacy of the event, but ultimately it was still cool to hear Nobuo Uematsu's music played by a live orchestra (with Nobuo in attendance!).

In honor of the event (but mainly just for the hell of it), I thought I'd offer my personal rankings of the first ten (because that's as far as I've gotten) numbered Final Fantasy games.

Ranked by story:

1. IX
2. VII
3. VI
4. IV
5. X
6. V
8. I
- II

Ranked by systems:

2. V
3. VII
4. IV
5. X
6. IX
7. VI
8. III
9. I
10. II

(I still haven't finished FFIII for the DS, but I'm pretty sure its placement won't change.)


Czardoz said...

We want more materia, and less drawing magic!

Czardoz said...

I would actually rank the stories in the exact same order you have, except for V, which I never finished. And do you have I, II, and III tied, because their stories were all perfunctory?

You systems rankings, however, are all jumbled up. Drawing, junctions, and GFs just made me mad.

Henry said...

Where does XII fit in your rankings?