Monday, October 6, 2008

Pile of Shame

So, yes, Devil May Cry 4 was a very fine game, which I enjoyed quite a bit. That said, I don't expect that I'll be playing it again in the near future, and certainly not six times through. This is not because it is a lesser title than its predecessors. Rather, my collection of unopened video games has grown too large. I won't report any numbers here, as the reality would surely shock and disgust anyone reading, but, sufficed to say, it's a lot. At the same time, as may be evident from trends in my previous gaming-related posts, my aptitude for playing games seems to have decreased, and I can no longer burn through one after another. Although my passion has not diminished, with both my time and energy being so much more limited, and with such a huge backlog of titles to get through, I can't spend those extra hours savoring one specific game.

For now, I've decided to focus primarily on completing Dragon Quest VIII, as I've had that one clawing at my back for far too long. Whether or not I manage to finish it, however, I don't intend to spend more than another month on it. After that, a lighter experience would be nice, and I've made a tentative list of choices for myself:
  • Beyond Good & Evil (PS2)
  • Eternal Darkness (GameCube)
  • God of War (PS2)
  • Killer7 (GameCube)
I'm leaning toward Killer7, as I've heard that it's short and has limited gameplay, which, these days, sounds right up my alley.

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