Monday, February 17, 2014

What is the next holiday after Presidents' Day?

As with many Americans, my first thought, as I get out of bed that Tuesday morning after Presidents' Day, is always "When is my next holiday off from work?" Indeed, for most workers in the United States, the grim reality is that that Tuesday marks the beginning of the longest gap between any two holidays in the year. From Presidents' Day (or "Washington's Birthday," as the federal holiday is legally designated), which is observed on the third Monday of February, it's not until Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, that most Americans have their next holiday off from work.

If you're a student or educator, there is Spring Break, that week or two off from school that occurs around March to April. Otherwise, you have nothing to look forward to until May.

(On the bright side, Memorial Day is one of what I deem the 6-7 "major" or "real" national holidays in the U.S., meaning that the majority of employed Americans get that day off (or else are paid at a higher rate for coming in). I'll expand upon this tomorrow, but, for reference, Presidents' Day is only a "semi-major" holiday, observed by only roughly a third of employers. If you work in that "other two thirds" ghetto, then you've probably been waiting since New Year's for your next day off. Now that really sucks.)

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