Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Things I Believe

Have you heard about this "Invisible Children" thing?  I mentioned it some months back, but it's really blown up over the last few weeks.  So . . . most likely, you have heard about it.  And you've probably heard a lot of debate about it.  Far be it from me that I should think myself able to contribute anything to that discussion; I'm just some dude.  So let us speak of other things.

I visited an indoor rock-climbing facility once.  Other members of my party there proceeded to climb vertically toward the ceiling, but I just stood and watched.  One friend asked me why I wasn't climbing.

"Why would I?" I answered back.  "I can see from here that there's nothing up there."

"There's happiness!" she said.  "Fun!  Satisfaction!"

I rather seriously doubted there were any of those things.  But I told her, "Look, if you want me to go up there, I'll go up there."

"Okay, go up there."

And I did.


Czardoz said...

If you thought this Invisible Children thing had blown up before, I guess today's news should put it over the top:

Does this complicate or simplify the debate?

Czardoz said...

Always like to see a local boy make it big!

Henry said...

In all seriousness, this guy probably achieved a good deal more than most of his critics combined. He helped a whole lot of people to know what it feels like to give a damn. A shame it couldn't last, but I don't think we can lay the blame on him for that.

I daydreamed about using social networking to drum up awareness for a different cause, but obviously I didn't try very hard to make it happen, because, ultimately, I didn't really give a damn.

No, I still don't especially care, because I don't especially believe in objective good. And since this complicated issue has actually very little to do with me, there isn't much of subjective good to be pursued either. But that's just me.