Sunday, October 30, 2011


“No, Henry, you live every day like yesterday was your last.”

It was meant more as an amused observation than a criticism, yet still it wounded me.

I often replay conversations in my head, always far too late realizing what I should have said, instead of whatever useless vapor actually escaped my lips in the moment. Yet, even almost a year later in this case, I can't come up with any better response than “No, you're wrong!” or “So?!” My actual response—a weak smile and silent nod—probably served as well as anything else I might muster. Perhaps I might have reminded her that she had only known me but fewer than ten scarcely overlapping days in our lives, and the most recent had been more than five years ago, so she was in no position to be drawing conclusions concerning my person. But, truth is, she was right, partly so, and I think I recognized it even at the time, though maybe I couldn't quite comprehend it.


Czardoz said...

You should have slowly and quietly said, "No." Then, after pausing to consider the futility of all those lost years and buried hopes, and realizing the depth of the anguish in your heart, using your deepest voice, you should have uttered a monumental groan of "Nooooooooo!" And then you rush over, lift her above your head, and toss her into the nearest microwave.

Yeah, that would have shown her.

Henry said...

If only we could all go George Lucas on our lives....