Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Never Learn (Lykke Li, 2014)

The official music video for "Gunshot," off Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li's superb 2014 LP, I Never Learn:

The last and best album in a trilogy that began with 2008's precocious Youth Novels (released when Li was 21) and continued on with 2011's ostentatious Wounded Rhymes, I Never Learn is an arresting contemplation on the sobering heartbreak that has effected the completed coming of age of the young woman and artist—an awakening that brings with it no emotional fulfillment but is her most musically mature work to date. Li has been described as a dream pop artist, including on some of her official promotional materials, but this album expresses as much the agonizing end of the dream as it does the longing to retreat from the now bitter world of wakefulness. The artist is revealing in this latest collection of songs without being vulnerable, as she wails achingly intense lyrics beneath heavy reverb and with an icy mystique. She owns now her misery with the same self-certainty with which she has always owned her passions and her craft.

Lykke Li will be playing in San Diego tomorrow night, Monday, September 22, 2014 at the North Park Theatre.

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